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About Us

Melissa Risch, BA, CMT, IET
Medical Massage Therapist
Integrated Energy Therapist (IET)
IET® Instructor 7 years
15 years experience

Experience and Credentials
I have worked in offices of Osteopathic Physicians, Chiropractors, and Psychologists. I utilize medical massage & Integrated Energy Therapy® in almost every session and cater the session to your needs. In 2007, I became co-owner and founder of ‘From Pieces To Peace’ and I currently work full-time doing medical massage, Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), and teaching IET. I recently started offering IonCleanse® Detox Footbaths that I offer clinically by testing the clients needs.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Earlham College in 1996; Dayton School of Medical Massage in 2003; and received Master Level in Integrated Energy Therapy® from the Center of Being, Inc. in 2010.  I began teaching Integrated Energy Therapy® in 2011. 

I tend to work on clients that come in for health reasons and/or for spiritual growth, as well as athletes. I blend Integrated Energy Therapy® into almost every massage session. I tend to do deeper tissue work and 'listen to the tissue intuitively'. The massage helps decrease pain and increase range of motion while the energy therapy helps clear emotional and mental energies that also can cause pain and tension. Integrated Energy Therapy® can also help one spiritually move faster through trauma, letting go of current and past stresses, as well as moving through and understanding your current soul's mission.  I also enjoy using therapeutic essential oils during the massage for added health benefits, but unscented hypoallergenic lotion is also available.

Integrated Energy Therapy®
I first experienced the power and need of energy healing working independently as a massage therapist in a center with very talented psychologists and counselors. They would occasionally send clients to me to help ‘open them up’ as they may have seemed disconnected or unaware or shut down. I intuitively recognized the emotional and mental blockages in their energy field that were blocking their progress and closing them down. Having such powerful successes with intuitively clearing, I knew the path to healing involved much more than physical manipulation. It also involved clearing emotional, mental, and spiritual energy blockages in the aura and body that can add to physical pain and psychological problems. Learning Integrated Energy Therapy® was the answer and continues to make me a better healer.    

Kevin Risch
General Manager and Co-Owner

Kevin answers the phone and makes appointments
Please call 765-914-0840 to make an appointment.

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