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Experiences with
Integrated Energy Therapy® Classes

I came to Melissa for deep tissue massage. I had no idea about IET®. Since then I have taken her classes and reached all the way to Master’s level. I started this journey to help my children and family members but have since then expanded my horizons. It has taken me to such heights spiritually that I never thought possible. This is the answer for all who seek to grow spiritually and want answers that have been difficult to find. The simplest truth is "ask and you shall receive;" nothing has been more truthful.
- Neena B - Richmond, IN    

I took IET® with Melissa and I am now an Advanced Level Practitioner. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is interested in self-healing or assisting others along their healing journey. It's one of the best things I've done for myself and my clients. As a massage therapist this class has really excelled my intuition when it comes to just "knowing" where my hands need to go. It's helped those clients of mine who have hit a plateau in their healing process. Melissa is an amazing teacher. She's very insightful and helpful. She really takes her time walking us through the class and our questions. It's also a plus to hear what her spiritual intuition is telling her along the way. I recommend anyone who is thinking about taking IET® to jump in and go for it! You will NOT be disappointed! I would also recommend that you don't stop with just the first (basic) level. Intermediate is really where the heart of it all is. The Advanced level allows you to go deeper and help your clients on an entirely new and exciting level. Again, these classes and Melissa do not disappoint. You will love, love, love the healing energy of IET®. It is unlike any other energy I have felt.
- Kylie Cashdollar - New Castle, IN

I have worked with angels all of my life, and would call upon the angels I was familiar with. Recently I decided it was time to get in tune with 10 special angels, nine of which are the angels and one [that is] here on earth. It was a great pleasure to work with Melissa Risch; a true angel in the flesh!! 

I took an angel class with Melissa instructing and guiding a group of three lovely ladies and myself. At that time we brought in each angel [and] connected with the angels one at a time. For each angel we wrote down a question or concern, then went into meditation. After bringing ourselves back into conscious awareness, we wrote down what we experienced. The class lasted all day, and it was worth every second of the special journey that took place that day. It is a tool and a life link that I would urge everyone to have the opportunity involving themselves with. It truly is an uplifting and rewarding journey to keep with you every moment of every day. I definitely will be taking the IET® classes in the future.
- Kathy Conway - Richmond, IN    

“During the IET® class, something shifted within my consciousness when Melissa conducted the opening. I have been able to bring this new pattern of thought into my daily life. In other words, it’s not like I just had a relaxing day at the class that made me feel good – I actually feel like I experienced a transformation of sorts; one that has continued since taking the class. I am approaching how I communicate with others differently, how I think about things, etc…it’s as if a whole new reality is opening up to me. I’m not saying that everything is perfectly clear and that my life has flipped upside down…. there is a gentle, slow change happening within me that makes me feel so right and so good.

Melissa gently guided us through the training, allowing us to ask questions and stop for discussion until the time felt right to move on. She created an open, non-judgmental environment for us to learn and practice within. I felt confident and supported throughout the training. The training has helped open my consciousness and I have now done energy work with my family and toddler. It has created a more relaxing and balanced home environment.”
- Natalie R. - New Castle, IN  


The Angel class was my guide to the Angels.  I now understand they are with me always, all I need to remember is to ASK for assistance, understanding, strength or help. They guide and direct, surround and protect -- ALWAYS.    

In 2011, I took the IET based Healing Angels of the Energy Field  class with Melissa Taylor Risch.
I took the class because I was interested in IET not because I believed in angels.  I thought the concept of working with angels -- was a bunch of WoooWooo; that if you were working with Angels that meant you didn't think yourself worthy of working directly with God.  I not only misunderstood how to work with angels but I was in for a big surprise of how many times they had already helped me and what it would mean to me to consciously ask for their help.  

The Angle class is my favorite and I didn't want to take it.   Guess I was led? 
- Linda Brower - Cambridge City, IN
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