From Pieces To Peace - Medical Massage, Integrated Energy Therapy®,  IonCleanse® Detox
Integrated Energy Session Testimonials

Melissa, I just wanted to thank you for so many things.  I realize the magnitude of what happened in our session and I’m so grateful. I felt so safe and I am honored that you held that space for me today.  Your presence, support, compassion, and openness were unlike no other…From grief and resistance, integration and awareness, to fried chicken!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Stacie Shepherd - Richmond, IN

" 'From Pieces to Peace' – Melissa named her practice well.  When I first came to Melissa, I was in several broken pieces. Through her ministration and IET® gifts, I am now on my personal healing road.  My physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional brokenness is being brought to wholeness and peace in a safe and transforming way.  Every session is enlightening for each of us.  Sometimes we are quiet, but more often we break out in laughter and experience deep joy and gratitude. Melissa and I have built a bond of trust.  Because of that, I am free to be healed.
- Jewell Pyle - Richmond, IN

I went to Melissa to get some Integrated Energy Therapy®. This is a process of working with your energy, with the therapist and the angels all working together to pull out negative energy and to balance and attune your body with positive light energy (“working out the kinks”). I have worked with Reiki many times in my life, but nothing compares to what I experienced during this session with Melissa. I connected with her so easily and felt a bit of tension, but as I relaxed and allowed myself to trust my intuitive energy, I let go and allowed Melissa to integrate the utmost highest level of healing I had ever experienced. I thank all the angels and a very special angel working in and through me.
- Kathy Conway - Richmond, IN
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