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Integrated Energy Therapy

What Is Integrated Energy Therapy® or IET®?

As a client, Integrated Energy Therapy® supports you in releasing negative or heavy energy from your energy field or aura at the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It also can bring awareness and help activate your soul’s mission.  

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) provides a simple and gentle method of clearing unwanted energies that are found within the meridians of the body and within the human energy field (also known as our aura).  These unwanted energies often include: guilt, mistrust, shame, threat, "shoulds", heartache, resentment, anger, stress, and fear. When left in the field, these energies can create tension, anxiety, fatigue, pain, and illness within the body. It also can keep you from moving forward in life. After clearing the meridians, the violet healing energy then enters the meridian replacing and energizing the body allowing the body to heal. After an energy session, one often feels lighter, energized, clearer vision, and just generally feel relaxed and good.

® was developed by Stevan J. Thayer, a certified Reiki Master, author of the book Interview with an Angel, and a channel for Angel Ariel. Thayer founded the Center of Being, Inc. in 1989.

Integrated Energy Therapy® Services

In person -

A basic energy session takes about an hour; more in depth sessions last 90 minutes and you can let me know ahead of time what you prefer. You are welcome to leave your clothes on during this session and you will be lying down.  During the session, I will let you know what I am feeling and anything I pick up intuitively. All the meridians will be checked, cleared, and energized. Most people who receive an energy session feel lighter and more peaceful. Some have powerful releases and sessions often bring clarity, direction, and are energizing. You are supported during this process and only that which is ready to go will release. Please see IET Session Testimonials for examples.  $60 hour / $85  90min.  

Long Distance -

Long distance energy sessions are available. You will simply contact me either by email or phone to set the session up. You do not have to be present nor do you have to set time aside to rest during the time of the session. You will give me your intentions/goals for the healing. I ask the universe to use my body in place of yours and make a connection with you spiritually to perform healing on the body, mind, emotional, and soul levels. I will take notes during the remote healing session, write a session summary of the findings, include what healing took place, and record any messages or feelings I receive from the angels. You will by email, phone, or mail receive your page summary.  $75

For more information about Stevan J. Thayer,
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